Modern craftsmanship

Contemporary perfumery is departing from its traditions, losing the craftsmanship and artistic element that accompanied it for centuries. Perfumes have become a mass-produced and ubiquitous product, created in the rush of consumerism.

In my practice, I aspire to create perfumery that regains its former nobility and mastery. I compose completely independently and always prioritize product quality over contrived marketing. The entire design and production process is carried out by hand in my intimate laboratory. Under my own label, Bale Perfumes, I create fragrances in small, limited batches, with each series having its unique characteristics.

At the same time, I strive to give this artisanal process a modern touch, allowing me to create innovative and bold olfactory creations while maintaining the safety and practical values of the product. Advanced equipment, laboratory precision, and staying up-to-date with the latest research in perfumery—all of this is aimed at creating perfumes that are as noble as they are high-quality and captivating.

Bale Perfumes

I implement the above concept in practice by creating my own brand of signature perfume series. What sets them apart?

Limited series

Each series is produced in a limited edition. Each product has its own individual number and the batch year.


I personally oversee the entire creation process, without mass production and outsourcing.

Unique batches

Each perfume series is unique. Every time, I change compositional nuances and incorporate interesting raw materials.